Dorter: House Barbecue 2013


On the 1st of September, each Day and Boarding House at Bede's organised an event to welcome new students. As is becoming a tradition, Dorter House chose to host a barbecue - the theme of which was Club Tropicana!

That morning, the terrace at Dorter was covered with colourful blown up flamingos, parrots and a palm tree drinks cooler. We played games such as limbo and 'beach ball', and enjoyed a feast of hamburgers, hot dogs and roast potatoes.

The 'Club Tropicana' theme prompted quite a few fun outfits to appear; coconut shells and seashells featured heavily, and there was a great feeling that everyone had tried to find something bright and colourful. All these efforts really enhanced the atmosphere of the party and helped staff and students alike to get into the groove.

In the final showdown for the student limbo, we had the extremely flexible Emily Crow, who literally did the splits and then proceeded to roll her body under the stick! We were all very impressed. Then Millie slipped under due to her flexible (and significantly shorter body) to win!

In the teacher's limbo, in true 'Trenaman' style, Mr Trenaman walked under the stick with ease, his bright yellow suit and shorts radiant in the sunshine. Mr Henham also participated, but unfortunately he fell flat during the fourth round!

Another highlight of the day was the girls meeting young  Lucie Leggett, our new baby, who has exceptionally long fingers and got cooed over by all of her 'big sisters'.  The prefects had organised a few gifts for Lucie, which included a pair of baby ugs and a baby blanket with an elephant design.

We were very lucky with the weather and had a great day. Everyone got to know each other and the house bonded through laughs, food and simply relaxing together.

David Leggett

Dorter Housemaster