Drama: Lunchtime Monologues

Drama Monologues 1

On Wednesday 18th and Friday 20th September, The Miles Studio Theatre played host to Upper Fifth performers who had prepared a diverse range of solo pieces for their GCSE assessments, the results of which they shared with the school in a pair of 'montage-style' performances.

An audience of seventy people took their seats during two lunchtimes to watch the students perform their montage of monologues, the performances having been arranged in a way to move seamlessly from one to the next with the non-speaking ensemble arranged in neat tableaux behind.

Drama Monologues 2Bede's Director of Drama Karen Lewis said of the performances, "All of the pieces were successful in engaging the audience in a variety of ways, but there were some particularly memorable pieces exemplified by the likes of Mathilda Homer, who played an emotional mother who lost her child in a drowning accident, from 'The Weir' by Conor Macpherson."

"Confronting the audience head on," continued Mrs Lewis, "Mathilda told her tale with increasing tension and palpable grief in an impeccable Irish accent. Elsewhere, Harvey Cole's chilling account of his character's confrontation with 'The Woman in Black', by Susan Hill, was skilfully portrayed and drew a bleak picture for the audience."

Another standout performance came from Elina Khaybullina's, whos rendition of the distraught Madame Ranevsky from 'The Cherry Orchard' by Anton Chekhov was painfully believable and played with a fantastic focus and naturalistic style.

"Overall," condluded Mrs Lewis, "the Lunctime Monologues were a very successful venture which will be most definitely repeated in the future."