Bloomsbury: Hitting High Notes at House Music


House Music 2013 was a tremendous event, filled with the vibrancy and enthusiasm of the many different Houses and they vied for first place in the competition.

The evening was split up into four sections: the Big Song, the Small Song, the Solo and the Instrumental (Band). Everyone sang the same tune for Big Song and this year, as the overarching theme was Abba, it was Money, Money, Money.


We had all spent a lot of our free time rehearsing for this, trying to put our own little twist on it, and it was such a great feeling to get on stage and perform our rendition to the rest of the school, belting it out at the tops of our voices.


Bloomsbury's Small Song was the classic Mamma Mia, and with our brilliant soloists and blended harmonies we managed to rank first in this category - a well-earned win!

65Our solo category was performed by Becky Fellows, a Lower Sixth student whose operatic piece, in Latin, was simply stunning.

The last piece from Bloomsbury was, of course, the Instrumental, which this year was Bittersweet Symphony with a little piece of Elbow blended into the ending. 

The String Section in this was just beautiful, with amazing singing and instrumentals from all that took part!

Bloomsbury came in second place overall, which was a truly fantastic achievement and a well-deserved feat!


Rowan Lewis

Bloomsbury House Prefect