Bloomsbury: Macmillan Bake Sale


Friday 27th September saw the biggest invasion of cakes Bloomsbury House had ever seen! Mountains of baked goods were stacked on top of each other, home-made from all ages of students within Bloomsbury.


As the fresh aroma wafted outside, we had queues of students spilling out the door with money already in their hands.


The occasion was primarily organised by the Charity Prefects in Bloomsbury: Ana Walters-Woodhead, Bryony Wallace and Jess Bass, but the entire Bloomsbury prefect team and others were there to help throughout the day!


Bloomsbury's largest ever cake sale was done as part of the Wold's Biggest Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan, a charitable organisation that offers support to those who either suffer from cancer or who knows someone who has it. It was a tremendous success, with Bloomsbury managing to sell all of the cakes and drinks that were brought in!


Everyone spent their break time, lunch time and even their free time after lessons at the end of the day in order to sell the scrumptious baked goods, and although this was a particularly hectic day and very tiring it was well worth it to see the amount of money accumulated for this incredible cause.


In total, we raised around £260, with the extra money being put in the collecting boxes! What a brilliant accomplishment.


We would like to thank everyone for their support, whether that be baking the cakes or donating to this fantastic cause. Hopefully, this will help to bring a lot of happiness back into the lives of those who are suffering from cancer and those that are close to someone who is suffering from it, who need support to get through such difficult times.

Rowan Lewis

Bloomsbury House Prefect