Charleston: First Year Social Outing

First Year Bowling Trip

On Tuesday 24th September the First Year Charleston girls went on a social bowling trip to get to know our new house members and bond with people we hadn't necessarily spent much time with yet.

We got the minibus to the Hailsham leisure centre looking forward to the evening, our happiness shown by the loud laughter and excitement on the journey!

When we got to the leisure centre, we had some time to buy drinks and sweets before going into our teams for the bowling game.

The evening was a lot of fun - especially the opportunity to mix with girls that we hadn't spent much time with and finding similarities with people we hadn't expected to get along with. 

The evening was a great chance to socialise with the rest of the First Years in Charleston and become more comfortable around each other, as starting with new people can be difficult.

This trip brought us all together more and has made a stronger sense of friendship between the girls in house. 

Charlie Bransby-Zachary

Charleston First Year