Charleston: Girls put in a Strong Performance at House Music 2013


On Friday 4th October, the whole school gathered in the Sports Complex to compete in the annual House Music Competition, with 'Abba' as the theme.

This year Camberlot and half of Dicker would compete alongside the mighty Charleston House!


After many full House rehearsals for the Big Song, 'Money Money Money', practise every break for our small song 'Take A Chance on Me', Lazar practising his Chopin piano solo over and over again, and plenty of long evenings after school spent working on our instrumental 'Play That Funky Music', Charleston put in a strong performance.


It was clear on the night that the competition was going to be very tight, but Charleston eventually earned an enviable amiable 3rd place overall and came out on top in the solo category. 


It was great to see just how much everyone appreciated all the hard work and effort put in by the teachers, and also to see the students achieve such a high standard of music in just two weeks.


India Brown, Olivia Prince-Smith, Mathilda Homer, Vanessa Rayner and I performed the vocals in Charleston's instrumental piece (with much enthusiasm!) and we were backed by a very talented group of musicians from the boys Houses.


All the time we gave to putting the number together really payed off. The Small Choir had rehearsed every break time leading up to the event, and it was brilliant to see so many boys and girls singing together in harmony from all year groups.


Many thanks go to all the Music Department staff for putting on another great House Music, and big thanks go to Mrs Von-Riebech for all the time she spent putting the numbers together.


Alice Potter

Upper Fifth, Charleston House