Crossways: Harmony and Hilarity at House Music 2013


The moment before Crossways House started their Big Song entry.

House Music was at its apogee this year.

With more talent and professionalism than ever before, the evening was truly fantastic and full of surprises.


The Knights boys on lead male vocals during the Crossways Big Song.

As the boys Houses joined the four girls' Houses, all the students and members of staff took part into the school's biggest musical event of the year.


The Charleston band, with Dicker and Stud boys in tow.

As glitter and flared trousers invaded the Sports Complex, the judges were quite literally showered with 'Money, Money, Money' after indoor fireworks erupted during the Bloomsbury routine.


The judges table in the aftermath of the Money Bomb!

Some of the highlights of the night include Dicker House's Lazar Lienbenberg, who won for his incredible piano solo, and the Crossways' House Band, who brought the 70s back to life with their spectacular performance of the Rolling Stones' Brown Sugar.


Lazar, tinkling the ivories.

Bloomsbury's outstanding performance of the timeless ABBA song Mamma Mia earned them the Small Choir prize, with Dorter House not only claiming the Big Song award but also winning the competition overall for the second year running.


Tom Davies and the Crossways/Knights/Dorms band.

Bearing in mind this will be my last ever House Music at Bede's, I was sad that the event was over so quickly. On the positive however, throughout my 5 years at the Senior School this year's competition was head and shoulders above the rest. It was a real high-point of the year so far for me, and for the rest of Crossways too.


Tom accepts the award for the Crossways/Knights/Dorms band.

Zoe Cauvin

Head of Crossways House