Deis: House Music Report 2013


As part of the Dorter, Deis and Dorms Big Song, members of staff dressed up in some pretty... 'incredible' costumes!

House Music is one of those events where everybody comes together from each House and combines into bigger 'Umbrella Houses' to compete with one another.

It is a time for some students to step out of their comfort zones and for others to showcase their talents.


The competition happens once a year, in the Autumn Term, and is a Bede's tradition. The Music Department picks a theme for the year, which this year was ABBA, and the competition is split into four sections - the Big Song, in which everybody from the House sings (and we sang Money Money Money), then there is the Small Choir, which is a made up of a select group of students who sing a song which goes with the theme.

Next, there is a Band section, during which the students can show their talents with their particular instruments, and lastly, new for 2013, there was a Solo section, which consisted of either singing or an instrument being played.


In 2013, as with every year, the evening had a great and funny atmosphere. I was a little nervous in the rehearsals, as I didn't feel that we were quite as good as we should have been, but on the night everybody upped their game to represent their house.

This year, the results were as follows: in the Big Song, Dorter House won. In the Small Choir, Bloomsbury took the prize (to read Rowan Lewis' Bloomsbury report, please click here). Best House Band went to Crossways, and in the Solo category Charleston won deservedly.


The overall winner, taking the main prize in the competition, Dorter won, with Deis and part of Dorms in support. This is the second year in a row that Dorter House has won House Music, so well done to them!

House Music 2013 was a fun and enjoyable evening - a chance to represent my House and win points for the year-long Inter-House Competition. As it was my last one however, I have to admit feeling a little sad that now it is over!

Gheorghe Richards

School Prefect