Dicker: Boys Compete in Hard-Sung House Music


After a series of memorable performances in this year's Inter-House Music Competition, it seems right that Dicker House should recognise the many talented young men who took central roles in the event.


The First Year, Upper Fifth and Upper Sixth were twinned with Charleston House this year, with Lazar Liebenberg winning the Solo Competition, Ed Stokes on guitar, Aidan Kerr on Trumpet, Lazar on bass sax, Charlie Chester on bass guitar and Dan Gottlieb on lead guitar performing in the House Band and Ed Stokes, Lazar Liebenberg (again!) and Charlie Chester also taking up roles in the Small Choir.


The Lower Fifth and Lower Sixth combined with Bloomsbury to win the Small Choir, with and Ashley Meffen, Anthony Bracuti and Charlie Belton singing and Bogdan Kagan and Ed Cudlipp playing in the Band.


Overall Dicker came second with Bloomsbury and third with Charleston, with noteworthy contributions to those placements from the boys in the House.


Special mention must go out to Louis Block, Ben Wood and Dan Gottlieb, all of whom were part of the Tech Crew, and Charlie Chester who performed as the bassist in The Pit.

Lazar said that the event was, "Really fantastic. We all had fun taking part!"

Richard Mills

Dicker Housemaster