Drama: Upper Fifth Workshop with George Dillon

Drama - George Dillon

On Wednesday 2nd October, Upper Fifth Drama students had a workshop with George Dillon, a disciple of and frequent collaborator with Stephen Berkoff, who helped the students in their work towards their final coursework performances, taking place on November 25th at 7.15pm.

The Acting Workshop included Bede's GCSE students and four students from Northease Manor School and explored Berkoff's Total Theatre, including the use of physical theatre and mime in performance. 

The session was thoroughly enjoyed by all and supported the students work on Steven Berkoff's 'Metamorphosis', which the pupils will be performing sections of on Monday 25th November.

Mr Dillon's work includes collaborating with Steven Berkoff in Sink The Belgrano! and Oscar Wilde's Salomé at the National Theatre, and he has, to date, been assistant director and/or performer with Berkoff four times.