Knights: Team Work and Solo Efforts Elevate House Music


Jimmy and the Knights House boys take centre-stage.

In House Music 2013, Knights House teamed up with the girls of Crossways and half of Dorms House this year, which not only mixed up the competition for us and kept it fresh but also provided plenty of opportunities to make new friends.


The moment Crossways, Knights and Dorms all took to the stage together.

It is safe to say that the Crossways, Knights, Dorms not only performed well as a whole, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it, with the evidence being all the smiling faces on the stage!


The Crossways Small Choir.

The small choir competed with the song Super Trouper, during which the girls were again the "most happy looking house" on the night, with our delightful dance movements and smiles elevating our performance above our competitors.


The team of impressed judges, surrounded by Money, Money, Money...

Our soloist was none other than Ollie Noble, who performed exceptionally well with a solo drum piece and a few comical factors.


Ollie, doing his thing.

Then, Last but not least, our brilliantly band piece gained us a first place in the House Band category, which sent everyone screaming and clapping.


The Crossways/Knights/Dorms band rocks out.

Ultimately, working with other Houses in House Music means more than going it alone - although clearly giving everyone their moment in the spotlight is a recipe for happiness!

Jimmy Lee

Deputy Head of Knights House