Physics: Bede's Alumnus to Talk to Students about Ion Quantum Technology

Physics Talk poster

On November 12 Bede's alumnus and Quantum Physicist Dr Robin Sterling will be coming to the school to speak to students about his work in the field of Quantum Computing.

Since its creation in the early twentieth century, many experiments have proved the validity of quantum mechanics - a branch of Physics which has allowed some huge leaps forward, including the development of teleportation technology.

That Dr Robin Sterling is coming to Bede's to speak about his experiences working in the field of quantum mechanics, in particular within quantum technology, is therefore incredibly exciting!

As part of the Ion Quantum Technology Group, working out of Sussex University, Robin is working on designing computers built with quantum technology (quantum computers).

These machines would be much faster than today's computers, with a quantum computer being able to crack the encryption we use to send our credit details over the internet in a matter of hours where current super-computers would take thousands of years!

Quantum computers would also help us understand the world around us - for example, they could help us to understand chemical reactions at a much deeper level, allowing us to create new medicines.

The human race has not yet made a practical quantum computer, but the team of which Robin is part are currently in the process of building one.

Robin's talk is set to take place on November 12 at 5.15pm.

Dr Steve Dawson

Head of Sixth Form Physics