Camberlot: About Rockinghorse, our House Charity


We have changed our House Charity this year to support a worthy cause that the House can more easily connect with - and as it is a local charity, we can easily see the help we are giving to people when raising money!

As Rocking Horse do not gain any government funding, they rely on the support that individuals and groups give them, therefore we intend to make a large contribution to the cause.
They are a Brighton-based charity which has been supporting children for over 45 years. It was set up in 1967 by Dr Trevor Mann, who recognised there was a real need for additional resources to improve healthcare services for sick children and babies.

Rocking Horse believe that it is important that no matter how sick a child or baby may be it is important for them to be able to behave and act as normally as possible under the circumstances. For example, they organise for Santa to go and visit the children in hospitals and provide presents and a Christmas tree for them also.

Not only does Rocking Horse provide for the children in its care but they also offer support for the families of the children to help to support them mentally during an unbelievably difficult time.

Rocking Horse is the official fundraising arm of the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital (the Alex) and also support the Trevor Mann Baby Unit (TMBU). They have raised money for life saving and cutting edge medical equipment, while ensuring that children are treated in an environment that is better suited to their needs.

Working in partnership with the Alex and TMBU, Rocking Horse strives to make services stimulating, cutting edge and accessible for the many babies, children and teenagers who need them.

We have already raised over one thousand pounds through Food Nights and individual fundraisers; most recently Toby Glover raised £342 by selling his old clothes!

We have more charity events lined up most notably "Dress as an Elf on the Twelfth" and "The Cambo Egg Smash" whilst also carrying on the House's revered Meat Nights!

Richard Jones

Camberlot Housemaster