Camberlot: Joshua on Life as a New Boarder


When I first decided to Board in England, my friends in Argentina said, firstly, "Why?" and secondly, "What is so great about a boarding school?"

(I note that in Latin America boarding is not really popular)

After my first few weeks in Cambo, I decided to give them a call and tell them.

Boarding is something that is usually against what a 21st century teenager wants, but if you board at the right place you find out that boarding is more like living near the school than living in it. Sure, you have rules and have to do your work but (in my opinion) all these things are balanced by the fact that you live with people that share many of the things you like; you live with your friends, and you maybe, at some point, feel that the House is like your second family.

When I first found out that I was boarding at a house named "Camberlot" I thought 'Are they like a medieval house or something?' The thing is, I wasn't even close in my thinking. Cambo is everything I hoped a boarding house would be like. The other students are great friends and we understand each other completely. If you don't want to be talked to in the morning, you are not; if you fancy a game of pool at 07:30 in the morning on a Saturday, there is always someone who will play. And if you don't feel like talking to a human being, you can always enjoy an intellectual conversation with Forrest (Mr. Jones' dog).


The Teachers in Cambo are what I imagined when someone said 'British': They are strict when they need to be, they joke when they can and they make you feel a part of something - just like if you were playing a game of Football or Rugby with 70 other people.

During my IGCSE English, I had to write 3 coursework pieces, which I quickly finished; but I continued writing things just for fun. I write at least 1 piece of work a week and Mr. Jones is always there when I need an opinion. He is a great Housemaster and gives the House a feeling of fraternity - be it during the Chili Eating Competition (nicknamed 'The Ring of Fire') or when talking to a charity representative.

Charity is something I think brings the house together, and Mr. Jones is always encouraging new activities and events to promote Charity. He also brings most of the ideas to the Camberlot Council, where some of us discuss what the rest of the house wants and what they need, from Charity events to changing the tablecloths!

When I came to Bede's, one of my main focuses was learning languages, especially Japanese. Luckily, it turned out that Mr. King speaks Japanese and a little bit of Spanish (my first language). He helps me with my Japanese and is always there if I need advice about anything.

The Head of House and the Prefects are the guys I look up to. Sometimes I just talk to them to find out how much they do, and each time I talk with one of them I get to admire them even more (even if you do sometimes see one of them driving Mr. Jones's son Noah's small electric car...).

Camberlot is a house that wouldn't be complete if anyone (a particular Teacher, Prefect, Matron, student or dog) was missing. They all make it special, and they are all special.  

I feel completely at home when I'm here and enjoy every moment!

Joshua Simmonassi

Camberlot House