Camberlot: The Cambo Challenge!


On Saturday 16th of November, Camberlot proudly hosted the entertainment for the boarding houses. With over 70 students attending, the Cambo Challenge was a sweaty, raucous, and thoroughly enjoyable night!

The idea was simple: gather a large number of boarders, challenge them to be ridiculous, and throw in a respite now and again of ' famous film quotes', ' brain teasers' and 'guess the lyrics' quiz rounds.


5Miss Chappell led the balloon race and kept it contemporary, Mr Richards stretched the
students quite literally with his biz
arre cup and chair challenge, and Mr King added his old favourite, the 'flour game'.

Other rounds included the After Eights Challenge, during which boarders tried to beat the world record, only using their mouths, to remove After Eight chocolates fom their wrappers and eat as many in succession in a minute, and The Chubby Bunny, during which nominees placed two marshmallows in their mouths and repeated the words 'Chubby Bunny' three times, adding more marshmallows until 'Chubby Bunny is no longer discernible!


With 5 teams taking part of mixed house denomination, "Valencia Orange" (consisting of mostly Dorter Ladies) were deserving winners. The boys of Camberlot congratulate you and hope that the Pizza vouchers will be enjoyed!