Dorms: An Extraordinary House Formal Dinner


The Dorms Formal Dinner is always one of the highlights of our calendar but, even with such high expectations, this year it was taken to a new level. 

The whole House set to work on Thursday afternoon setting up the old dining room -  transforming it into a first class dinner hall.  Our main theme for the evening was 'remembrance 'in its wider context, and this thread was to run throughout our chapel service and formal dinner.

The menu was based around an Italian theme and Susan our matron took charge of decorating the room and didn't miss a thing, we even had green white and red napkins to symbolise the Italian flag. Her attention to detail was impeccable! 

We began the night in the chapel all suited and booted ready for the night ahead. We had excellent readings from Daniel (Lower Fifth), Dennis (Lower Sixth), Ben (Lower Fifth) and Guy (Lower Sixth) followed by a touching address from the reverend Buckler.


Cyrus Chan was fantastic on piano and Mr Scamardella led the boys superbly on the organ as we sang two hymns. The entire U6th prefect team then read a poem written by resident tutor Mr Stoneman that summed up a day in the life of Dorms.

From the chapel the prefects went on to the Salon with our guests while the rest of the House proceeded to the Old Dining room to take our seats giving the new students time to soak up the atmosphere and really savour this new experience.

At 7 o'clock, in came the prefects, teachers and our guests.  Our Housemaster Mr Juniper said grace. After the initial silence there was a hubbub as the boys anticipated their long awaited food, but the noise in the room then went right down as the boys tucked into the starter.


After the starter we played a traditional Dorms game "Heads and Tails". Eduard took home the box of chocolates after winning against myself in the final toss of the coin.  In a very kind hearted gesture he shared his prize with the rest of the House there and then!

It was then time for the main course, again the room went silent as we tucked into our stuffed chicken breast and potatoes, brought to us by the girls from Dorter House, volunteering to act as waitresses for the night. We can not thank the girls enough for there efforts on Thursday night, without them the night would not have gone nearly as smoothly.

3We then announced the winner of the Dorms House raffle for our huge teddy bear, drawn by Mrs Belrhiti. Thanks to the hard work of the boys in House and Susan, we managed to make a total of £121 during the raffle. This money will go to the Dorms House charity - Demelza Children's Hospice. 

Fay and Nicki our other two matrons have also made a large amount of money for Demelza by running the House tuck shop, so I would like to take the opportunity here to thank them too for all of their efforts!

Ali Stead addressed the gathering and gave the traditional Head of House speech.  This was both warm hearted and funny and bought back many fond memories for the boys who have been in the House for a long time.

We then had our desert before the after dinner speeches and entertainment began. Our special guest Dr Dawson was introduced by our Deputy Housemaster Mr Elwell.  He spoke to the House about his year in Malawi, and his speech was truly inspirational. Then the boys from Barbados took to the stage and spoke to us about there wonderful little island in the Caribbean. 

The evening closed with Paris, Cyrus and Alessandro playing us out. An excellent way to finish the night off!


All in all the night was a great success and was enjoyed by every member In the House. We hope that all of our guests enjoyed their time with us and give out a huge thank you to the catering staff and our waitresses for making the night happen.

Josh Novell

Lower Sixth, Dorms House