Knights: House Formal Dinner and Evensong


The Knights House Evensong and Formal Dinner is always much anticipated and is one of the pinnacles of the Knights House yearly calendar.

2The week leading up to the evening saw participants from many year groups suggesting ideas that contributed towards the setup of the evening song and the formal dinner. These contributions were passed on to the team of Knights prefects who led the organization of this wonderful event.

The newly created Recital Room, the venue for our formal dinner, was transformed from a place of musical practice and lectures to an elegant and sophisticated dining hall, the Knights purple spread across the immense renovation.

The evening was focused on the theme of generosity, which is one of our Knightly virtues. This was portrayed through the evening song, the chapel service being littered with poignant readings from Cameron Christie (Lower Sixth), Panayotis Kalamenopolous (Lower Sixth) and Marcus Hendry (Lower Fifth) to name a few.


These readings were interspersed with prayers from Toby Mackay (Lower Sixth) and Marcus Hendry (Lower Fifth), along with musical recitals from Ben Simpson (Upper Sixth), playing the guitar, and Jack Kirk (Lower Fifth) playing the piano.

Leading on from this, the Reverend Buckler gave an emotive address about the theme of generosity, also adding in details about one of our hymns, Amazing Grace. The second of our hymns was a Knights favorite, Jerusalem, which was evident through the elevated singing.

4Our guests for the evening, Dr Maloney, Mrs Marsh (from the charity Demelza) Mr Morris, Dr Dawson, Mr Elwell, Mr Frame, Reverend Buckler, Marco Iurza, Tracy Aryee-Quao and obviously Mr. and Mrs. Waterhouse all made their way over to the fantastic dining room, and the boys all followed on with eagerness.

The menu for the evening consisted of an array of courses, from spring rolls to start with, chicken breasts wrapped in bacon for main and lemon meringue pie to finish. The waitresses from Crossways House served and cleared the plates impeccably, without a falter in sight, gaining roses from the Knights prefects for their efforts.

The silence fell across the hall as speeches began, Mrs Marsh taking the stage to tell us of the wonderful work that Demelza hospice does for young people. A sequence of photos, followed by a short video outlined the key work that Demelza charity does for young people, who are not expected to reach adulthood, and their families.


One of our very own staff members was importantly outlined throughout the speech, Mr Morris, who outstandingly has raised over £20,000 for the Demelza charity. I hope that all the Knights boys take something away from the speech from Mrs Marsh, the key charity work that Mr Morris has done throughout many years and the hard and difficult work undertaken by the staff at Demelza.

Following speeches came from Seb Esson, our Head of House, who recalled his favorite moments of his time at Bede's and in Knights house, and Mr Waterhouse.

The night was rounded off with some fabulous musical entertainment from Ben Simpson, Mark Sattin (Lower Fifth) and Oliver Noble (Upper Sixth).


The evening was a great success and we all hope that our guests enjoyed their evening with the boys from Knights house. On behalf of the house I would like to say thank you to the catering staff, waitresses and prefect team for making the night run so smoothly, and an especially big thank you goes to our guests Mrs Marsh and Mr Morris for the speeches they gave on the work that they and many others do for Demelza.

Hugo Godwin

Lower Sixth, Knights House