Physics: Bede's Alumnus Delivers Quantum Computing Lecture

Physics Lecture

On Tuesday 12th November Dr Robin Sterling, from Sussex University, returned to Bede's, after completing his A Levels here to hold a lecture for current A Level students about his work in Quantum Computing.

Dr Sterling's inspirational presentation encouraged students to pursue a career in physics, as well as explaining the complexities of the work he has previously undertaken in his influential experimentation working with ions to create a new form of computing.

We heard about the many hours and late nights he and his team spent working on this project with the aim of achieving something fascinating that had not been previously attempted. This successfully resulted in the ability to shuttle ions and transport them from one place to the next with the use of technical laser equipment to hold the ions at absolute zero and create the precise conditions required, aided by many other advanced equipment designs by themselves.

Eventually these efforts led to the building of quantum computers, which are yet to have been used to their full ability but which have the potential to help advance us greatly, as they provide a considerably faster alternative to code breaking in addition to potentially advancing medicine and drugs in the future.

His story of his time as a student at Keele and Sussex University as well as his time working as a post-graduate student both influenced and encouraged the students to aim for a similar success, and allowed the students to understand how beneficial a career in this field can be.

Bryony Dennis

Sixth Form Physics Student