Camberlot: Dress As An Elf Day!


Sixty-nine Camberlot House boys and members of staff are taking part in Dress As An Elf today, donning delightful green and red costumes and elf-hats, as well as selling hot-dogs at break time, all in aid of their House Charity, Rocking Horse.

3"We will be wearing the same costumes for our imminent Heroes Run," explains Housemaster Richard Jones. "Previously we have dressed as The Smurfs and The Incredible Hulk. I love my job!"

The inspiration for this fundraising drive came from Charlie Brunton and Ben Brown, Camberlot's Charity Representatives.

"We looked at what the other Houses were doing, and thought we needed to do something which really made an impression," they explained.

Aside from Dress As An Elf, Camberlot has raised over £1,000 for Rocking Horse this term - enough to provide 250 Christmas presents for the children in Rocking Horse's care - through a series of other enterprises, including Toby Glover's garage sale and large barbeque Meat Nights.