Drama: Bede's Scholars Run Community Workshop


On Monday 9 December a group of nine Bede's Drama scholars went to Park Mead School in Upper Dicker to perform and run a community drama workshop for local primary school-aged children.


The evening began with a 15 minute performance of Noel Greig's Hood in the Wood which was followed by 1 hour 15 minutes of drama games and improvisation.


The students at Park Mead seemed to have a brilliant time, with Frankie, a year 6 girl from Park Mead, asking if the students could run a Drama Club every week because she loved it!


Bede's students Alice Potter and Ruth Godfrey said, in response, that the workshop was something they would like to run in the Summer Term, as part of the new Student Initiative scheme, with Alice and Ruth being assisted by Ambra Fuller, Joe Robson, Harvey Cole, Tilita Maher, Daisy Bennett, Lily Potter and Emilia Prow during this Monday session.


Kellie Goldring, a Drama teacher at Bede's, said of the workshop, "Impressively, most of these students were also in the school musical, Sweet Charity, and managed to rehearse that and this workshop simultaneously. They picked up their energy on Monday, after such a long week performing last week, and deserve serious praise."