ETP: Elite Bede’s Athletes Visit Brighton University for Physical Profiling


Yesterday, a cohort of elite sportspeople from the Bede's Emerging Talent Programme visited Brighton University for a Physical Profiling session, an activity which formed the first step in a year-long schedule to aid the pupils to make careers out of their sporting prowess.

The select group of students, which includes England U18 Hockey player Alicia Caillard, England U19 Cricketer Fyn Hudson-Prentice and England U18 Footballer Kellie Larkin, were tested by the sports scientist at Brighton University for a range of physical strengths and weaknesses which will enable Bede's Strength and Conditioning coach Mr Tony Morriss to write individual fitness programmes for each athlete.


Bede's Director of Cricket, ex-England International Cricketer Alan Wells said of the day, "The test were carried out in laboratory conditions as well as on the running track, with the athletes being tested for speed, agility, Vo2 max, power, strength, flexibility, anaerobic power, body composition, hydration status, lung function and blood pressure."


"This is the start of the programme," Mr Wells continued, "and will be followed up by a presentation from the England Cricket Team's Head Nutritionist Chris Rosimus. Chris is based at Loughborough University and will be visiting the ETP students during February. Based on his recommendations, the school's catering company Holroyd Howe will provide specific, individualised diets for each elite sportsperson."


Bede's Director of Tennis and ex-British Number 1 Julie Salmon, who is co-running the ETP, then added, "We will be moving into the psychology of sport next, during which one of the country's leading sports psychologist, who coaches Olympic athletes, will be coming to the school to do a presentation to the cohort."

"This," said Ms Salmon, "will also include establishing the personality types using the MBTI model."