Bloomsbury and Knights House Quiz

Bloomsbury and Knights House Quiz

On Tuesday 28th January, both Bloomsbury and Knights came together to put on an event which was attended in plentiful numbers by parents, teachers and students.

At a rather later than expected 8 o'clock the rules of the quiz were announced, and much to the dismay of the Knights prefect team, smartphones were not allowed; this lead to a dismal showing and last place!

The event was organised in aid of three main charities, the Teenage Cancer Trust supported by both Knights and Bloomsbury, Charlie's Challenge, a brain tumour research charity, and Macmillan, Bloomsbury's other charity of choice.

Fervently waiting for the quiz to begin, families and teachers flocked in their masses towards the raffle prize table and admired the vast array of prizes available, including a Magnum of Moet Champagne, generously donated by Toby Mackay and his family, a two hour personal training session to be held by the always cheerful Tony Morris and many varieties of chocolates and truffles. 

In the tense Recital Room, Mr Cheshire, chief quizmaster, accompanied by his glamorous assistant Mr Jackson, kicked off the first round of seven.

All teams got off to a good start (even the Knights House prefects - it all went all downhill from there!) and all questions were answered with enthusiasm and tension as disagreements became evident on the tables as the answers were read out, the inevitable 'I told you' ran out across the room, coupled with the juvenile 'yesss' of successful tables.

After each round, the scores were processed and entered onto a rather large and slightly cumbersome big board to be held aloft by Annabel Martirosian, Head of Bloomsbury House, for all of the room to see.

After the tense and fiercely competitive seven rounds, there could only be one winning table and only one losing table. In 1st place, headed by the leadership of Dr Parker and Mr Stoneman the table 'The ones to watch…' proved victorious and lived up to their name.

The night was very enjoyable and, on behalf of Knights and Bloomsbury, we would like to say a very big thank you to all the people who came to the even and donated to a wonderful cause.

Cameron Christie

Chairman of Knights House Council