Camberlot: Meat and Syria


Camberlot House hosted one of its famous 'Meat Nights' recently, however in light of the ongoing conflict in Syria this particular evening came with a difference, as Lower Sixth boarder Ike Foulkes reports.

On the menu was over a stone and a half of gammon, cooked with deliciously spicy chilli gravy, and half a stone of slow cooked lamb. Usually our Meat Nights are a chance to feast, enjoy and come together all in the name of flavour and friendship, however tonight there was a difference.

Earlier that day, Mr Jones showed a video from the Syrian conflict and its effect on the children there and the struggle of the innocent people caught up in the violence of the now three year long civil war. It was decided that in aid of these victims, donations to the Oxfam Syrian appeal which provides aid to refugees would be taken before the boys got their meat. 


A target of £50 pounds was set by our Housemaster and the response was incredible. This challenge was met with enthusiasm and alacrity and by the end of the night an unprecedented £190 had been raised. This was a welcome surprise and there was a huge feeling of pride as we happily chomped our way through gammon sandwich after gammon sandwich.

Excited by the possibilities some of the boys then sent an email to staff and students asking for donations of clothes and footwear, and by the end of the week Mr Jones and some of the boys took down 16 sacks of clothes to the Oxfam depot.

The house was very proud of itself this week.

Isaac Foulkes

Lower Sixth, Camberlot House