Ceramics: Masterclass Held for Prep School Pupils


Senior School ceramics teacher Rachael Armitage and Sixth Form student Emma Butler-Way have been visiting the Prep School on Tuesdays to offer Ceramic Masterclasses to a group of Year 8 students.

5Working in tradional ways, with terracotta clay, the students are learning how to make a hand-held sculpture based on natural forms.

The organic, pod-like forms have been carefully crafted in two pinched halves and will eventually be smoke fired outside in a sawdust kiln overlooking the beach, using seaweed and leaves to create a textured, burnt surface. 

Year 7 have produced some exquisite hand made tiles, pressed with leaves and seeds and fired with oxide glazes, and Year 6 are currently working on clay masks with Ms Armitage.

We look forward to seeing the dramatic results very soon.

Watch this space!

Carol Parris

Prep School Head of Art and Design