Charleston: Another Sensational House Formal


The evening began with a moving chapel service led by the Reverend Buckler, in which he talked about the theme of 'Life Journeys', explaining the three simple essentials needed to succeed and achieve our personal goals in life.

Reverend Buckler's message was supported by readings from Lorna Bonwick, Brooke Mason, Ambra Fuller, Kayah Worrall, Lydia Bolton and Amelia Parsons addressing self-confidence and self-motivation.

The service also included performances by Olivia Prince-Smith, Alice and Lily Potter and Amelia Swinney on her ukulele. We were also lucky enough to be joined by some members of the local community who accompanied us in our hymns. 

Mrs Walpole, Mrs Von Riebech and their fantastic team of prefects managed to transform the Bede's Recital Room into a charming dining area where we were welcomed by the members of Stud House who excellently waited on us.


The evening shortly commenced, with a delicious salad starter which was enjoyed whilst the first performers, Nessy and Indie took to the stage.

It was not long before each table began their quizzes which consisted of general knowledge rounds and of course the traditional 'Guess the Mystery Baby' quiz.

More performances ensued while we enjoyed our main course and dessert. This was followed by further performances including Daisy and Eliza's incredible performance of 'There's a Fine, Fine Line' from Avenue Q and Martha Reynolds thought-provoking version of 'Someone told me' by Jake Bugg.

Next was our guest speaker, Ms Salmon, who inspired us all with the story of her incredible journey from being a student at Bede's to playing on the Centre Court at Wimbledon and how she arrived where she is today. She is someone each of us can truly aspire to.

Following this was Alicia's motivational speech, summing up her life's journey so far and thanking all those who have been an influence to her throughout.


As the evening drew to an end, more performances were still to come, including Lorde's 'Buzz Cut Season' sung by Stella Lewis-Barclay, Izzy Fordham, Emeline Follett and Georgie Hartley and, finally, a fitting close was supplied by Alice Potter and Mathilda Homer who performed 'Who Will Sing Me Lullabies' by Kate Rusby.

The evening was a great success and many thanks must go to Mrs Von Riebech and Mrs Walpole for their organisation, Ms Salmon and Alicia for their influential speeches and all the performers who made the Charleston House Formal Dinner such a wonderful evening.

Kayah Worrall and Bryony Dennis

Lower Sixth, Charleston House