Charleston: Valentine’s Poetry Competition


This year Charleston House has started up its own House Competition, which this term involved the house being split into eight teams, each being led by a prefect, to create a Valentine's Day poem.

The competitions take place at the end of each half term with past competitions including Doughnut Strings at Halloween and Cake Decorating at Christmas.

In this latest round, there were a host of entries - from witty limericks to long downhearted dirge's.

The winning entry (see below), which was submitted by Lower Fifth Charleston girl Stella Lewis-Barclay, immediately stood out as the winning entry.

Well done to Stella for taking first place for her team.

Sarah von Riebech

Charleston Housemistress


The winning entry:


My hearts beats for you

All brand new

All unbroken

Full of words unspoken

It keeps my spirit true


My eyes shine for you

Full of all you do

And the lasting hope

For the words you spoke

They keep my spirit true


My soul aches for you

Swirling like a typhoon

Full of smiles

From our love filled miles

You keep my spirit true


You do

You keep my spirit true