Dorter: Valentine's Day Charity Sweet Sale


On the 13th of February, Dorter House representatives were selling bundles of joy and happiness.

In other words, they were flogging bags of sweets!

Due to the bad weather, we decided to forgo the stand at the chaplaincy. Instead, we sent the girls to the Houses.


We had wrapped the assorted toffees and chocolates, with the occasional lovehearts, in white spotted cellophane and tied it with red curling ribbon; all in all it looked festive and pretty.

The most significant sale was Sally, who bought one whole basket for her boyfriend, Andrew. Apparently there was a bit of bargaining in regards to the basket holding the sweets!

Everyone was really supportive, and using the chaplaincy as our base everything went smoothly.


Across the course of the day, Dorter managed to raise £128.21 for our charity, The Honeypot, as well as celebrating a happy day for couples and friends.

Ema Excell

Deputy Dorter Housemistress