Deis: Ed Jones Reports on ‘Immense’ House Dodgeball Competition

Deis: Ed Jones Reports on ‘Immense’ House Dodgeball Competition

The 13th of March saw Deis House battling through some immense Dodgeball matches, with many of us having to use slick movements to dodge the great pink ball from the likes of Ollie Hopkins' great throwing arm.

Some were not so sharp (or lucky) and took major blows to the face. Piers Nathan, for example, needed to take a couple of minutes out after one such blow!

Others didn't dodge and instead went for the bold catch (well done to Jamie Fielding who won the 'Best Catch' award with a heroic dive onto the hard surface). But wasn't all about the winning and the Best Team Spirit prize went to Team B (C. Cornford, E. Jones, G. Churcher, B. Roberts).

With all four teams pushing themselves to the limit, Team C shone through the incredibly tense matches and won the whole tournament.

The boys of Deis House decided that they would be raising funds for Dorter House's Girls Rising Charity after seeing their presentation in chapel that day; a great cause to support with a great night of Dodgeball!

Ed Jones

First Year, Deis House