Drama: Lower Sixth Performance Reviews 2014



Metamorphoses is based on Ovid's fifteen-volume work of transformation myths.

The talented  group of Lower Sixth actors (Laura Adebesi, Amelia Swinney, Tilly Maher, Alistair Brazier, Yuki Watt and Catherine Tanzer) fantastically enacted Zimmerman's adaptations of Ovid's tales, juxtaposing the ancient and the contemporary in both language and image, using original music, varied and strong characters and creative use of masks.


The simplicity of the setting allowed the audience to really focus on the strong emotions expressed by the actors. The group adopted a style that is akin to Brecht with comedic overtones of Kneehigh underpinning the Spass elements, which worked very well with the piece.

The group did well to keep the narrative lively while still conveying the powerful messages of the stories. It was clear that they put in a lot of work to produce such a tight, high pace piece of theatre, and they should all be very proud of what they have achieved.


Kayah Worrall

Lower Sixth, Charleston House


Chekhov in Hell

The performance of Chekhov in Hell by Millie Prow, Sally Ann Wild, Ruth Godfrey, Nikolay Ilchenko and Daisy Bennet was truly an amazing piece of theatre.

Starting with quite a sombre scene with old style dresses, Chekov falls into a deep sleep and awakes in modern Britain. His experiences are telling of some humorous English stereotypes while also making insightful comments on society.


The brilliant multi-rolling by Sally, Millie, Ruth and Daisy made the piece further entertaining, using different gestures and specific signifiers  the large variety of characters were all convincing. The 'Survivors' session in particular was funny, with caricature style roles; it was an impressive display of the actors ability to work together in a team.

The fast paced performance was paired with appropriate and good music to cover transitions; the atmosphere of the piece was exciting and upbeat. The actors really did a great job of this play and I was pleased to have seen it.


Talia Tanner

Upper Sixth, Dorter House



Sarah Cane's "Crave" would have been considered a challenged by even the most accomplished of actors, but nonetheless, four incredibly talented Lower Sixth students pulled it off wonderfully - if not hauntingly.

Chanting eerie refrains, Anna Moody, Sian Walsh, Dan Grimston and Ike Foulkes took to the stage. I don't think anyone in the audience expected the sinister journey through the very deepest of human cravings and desires; to have intimate human contact, to be perfect, to have a child, to be wanted.


All in black and entirely washed out except the dark patches under their eyes, the cast directly addressed the audience, talking over each other a chaotic, powerful pattern, dragging us into their stories, making us feel their pain and struggles, as we saw the relationships form and then crumble on stage.

"Crave" is a hugely challenging, exciting and dark piece, but this cast took it all in their stride, handling the complexities of a play with no characters, but lead by their cravings, with such understanding and maturity that it was almost impossible to believe that they were only in their first year of their A-levels.

They undoubtedly all have great things to come.


Katie Dale

Upper Sixth, Bloomsbury House

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