Music: First Year Pupils Hold Lunchtime Performance


Jake Simmons, Josh Prosper and I had been given the challenge to organise, advertise and put on a musical performance before the end of this term.


This was done in our Music lessons twice a week as part of a Silver Arts Award which we have been working towards for the past term.

We all had to take on different roles that showed leadership within the organisation of this event.


Josh organised and distributed advertising materials, Jake got all of our equipment ready on the day and I was tasked with recruiting the performers for our performance and finding the location to perform in.


The performance turned out rather 'impromptu' as it was in the Old Dining Room, we could not use the Recital Room as planned, due to a DT Exhibition.

This meant playing as people came to lunch, which worked well as playing background music to the Old Dining Room atmosphere.


The performers were (in order of appearance), me, Lazar Liebenberg, Dan Gottlieb, Ed Stokes and the First Year Band consisting of Jake, Josh, Matthew Hunt and myself.


All the performances went according to plan, bar our band, which had some unplanned tuning issues with the synthesizer! Once that was sorted we played everyone out and the concert was finished.


Archie Taylor

First Year, Dicker House