MFL and Art: Pupils Visit Otto Dix Exhibition

MFL and Art: Pupils Visit Otto Dix Exhibition

The MFL and Art Departments at Bede's ran their first joint day-trip this summer to neighbouring Bexhill to view the Otto Dix exhibition titled "Der Krieg" (The War).

The exhibition featured a major and rare loan of 19 prints from the 'Department of Prints & Drawings' at the British Museum as a stand-alone display.

Otto Dix was a soldier during the First World War and is considered one of the most important German painters of the interwar years, alongside George Grosz. The printings were created ten years after the beginning of WW1, presumably because it was only then that Dix could return to the experiences that he went through in the trenches.

All of us, students and teachers, enjoyed the trip very much despite its serious subject matter. The prints raised lots of questions and led to interesting interpretations of the historical and contemporary value of Dix' very graphic depictions of war.

After visiting the exhibition, we sat on the terrace of Bexhill De La Warr Pavillion for a pensive cup of coffee or a hot chocolate and, on the way back to school, we listened to Germany's 4-0 football world cup victory over Portugal on the minibus radio.

That was something cheerful and to cheer for - ein perfekter Nachmittag, alles in allem.

More joint ventures between the MFL and Art departments are to come in the academic year 2014-15 so watch this space!