Animal Management: Bede's Pupils Conduct Health Checks at Drusilla's Wildlife Park


Our 11 new Lower Sixth Animal Management students have been learning about how to health check larger animals at Drusilla's Zoo today.

Jason O'Connell, the park's Deputy Head Keeper, introduced our students to three miniature donkeys who they then checked over for signs of good health. Everyone agreed that this was an excellent introduction to equine health checks!


George checking a Bearded Dragon.

The first unit studied in the BTEC Animal Management Course is Animal Health. Students learn about the signs of good and ill health, how to take an animal's temperature, how to use a stethoscope to measure the heart rate and various techniques to restrain animals big and small in order to health check them and ensure that they are fit and healthy.

Back at the schools Animal Management Centre the students have been put through their paces learning to health check small mammals, reptiles and birds.  They are assessed by practical exam, written assignments and by presenting to the class.


Jacob checking a Royal Python.

All of the students will be back at Drusilla's throughout the term for our regular classes with their senior staff, learning about both the exotic and domesticated species that the park looks after so well.