Animal Management: The Bede’s Honey Harvest Is In!


There's a buzz going around Bede's is that the honey harvest is in!

In a fruitful alliance with members of the Eastbourne and District Beekeepers' Association, Bede's Senior School provides a picturesque lake-side location for one of their apiaries.

In return receives free tuition and advice.

Bee-keeping is not an exact science and opinions are notoriously contradictory, nevertheless it is a fascinating activity.


This year, maybe it was an early Spring or fortuitous rainfall or more astute observation or a fine Summer - or better comprehension of apiculture or a favourable flow of nectar or less infection (or perhaps just good luck) - but the school's two hives have produced a respectable surplus of honey!

Bottled up, appropriately labelled and sold to students, parents and staff, the money raised helps to defray the apiary costs and provides a donation to charities.


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