Bede’s Prefects: Alumni Return to Enhance Prefect Training


Dr Maloney addresses the Prefect Team for 2014-15.

On Saturday 30th August, the new Bede's 2014-2015 Prefect Team congregated in the Recital Room for our first official meeting.

Accompanied by Dr Maloney, Mr Lewis, Ms Belrhiti and Mr Mills, we aimed to set out our objectives as a team - but not before being addressed by Dr Maloney about the importance of our new roles in the school. 


A group of Prefects presents potental agenda items.

During the meeting, Mr Lewis explored significant safeguarding issues that we, not only as prefects, but also as young adults, need to be aware of within our community. 

This was preceded by what some would call the highlight of the morning - four Prefects from last year's team, namely Alicia Caillard, Seb Esson, Annabel Martirossian and George Churcher, took the time out of their lives to come in and dish the dirt on the trials, tribulations and joys of being a Bede's School Prefect.


Alumni members Seb, Alicia, Annabel and George with Dr Maloney.

The insightful responses the alumni made to our questions were extremely useful to all of us and we would like to thank them for sharing their experience with us.

Next, the 2014-15 team were divided into groups comprising of Prefects from different houses, particularly the individuals we were unfamiliar with, in order to strengthen the bond of our new team. 

Once in these sub-groups, we all came up with aims that we would like to achieve by the end of the year, ranging from simple changes, such as improving one-to-one sessions with Teachers, to ideas for whole school Charity Fundraising events, such as a Prefect's assault course!


These ideas were compiled and organised by this year's Head of School, Azjad Elmubarak, and her two Deputy's, Josh Novell and Anna Moody

Undoubtedly, some ideas were very quickly dismissed - to the joy of Dr Maloney and Mr Lewis! Nevertheless, after we worked through page after page of possible objectives, weeding out a few unnecessary reformatory aspirations, we reached a conclusion. 

The three major themes which will shape the course of our Tuesday morning Prefect meetings are:


  1. The involvement of Junior Years (First Year-Upper Fifth)

  2. Better communication and organisation throughout the school

  3. Identity

Although still fresh and slightly vague, these three ideas will be embedded into our role as Prefects this year and, if tended to appropriately, we will leave behind our stamp on Bede's - a school that unfailingly offers us so much. 


Once again, thank-you to Alicia, Seb, Annabel and George, four memorable Prefects, for taking the time out of their long Pre-University summer holidays to help us out!


Laura Adebisi

Upper Sixth, Crossways House

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