Camberlot: Referendum Honoured With House Haggis Night


While the fate of the UK was decided, Cambo ate meat...


In honour of the recent Scottish Referendum, the Camberlot boys decided to celebrate the occasion through the excessive consumption of incredible gammon, not to mention several pounds of patriotic haggis.


Mr. Jones and Ike took on the task of preparing the precious pork for an impressive 6 hours before several of the boys dealt out the meat to 60-odd ravenous teenagers, all while the all-important vote was taking place...


Haggis was a particular point of talk, with the majority not ever having tried the… delicacy. Various moments of hilarity arose from watching the faces of those who consumed the delightful combination of pork heart, lungs, intestine and other parts of the animal.


Michael Chung's reaction provided special entertainment; several photos capture the visible change in his face, which in turn put a smile on all of ours.


However, many did enjoy it with all returning for seconds, some thirds, and for Henry Werner, roughly seven servings, a truly impressive feat. All this was done to the sound of various songs including bag pipes, primarily revolving around the film Braveheart.


Of course Cambo's own referendum was the true purpose of the night, would we vote for Scottish Independence, or against it? 44 votes in total were placed, some boys even bet on the results, vying for a can of equally patriotic 'Iron Bru'.


So, with everyone stuffed and the 11kg of pork virtually vanished, Mr. Jones read the result and, much to James Wrigglesworth's horror, Scotland broke free! At 23 votes to 21, it was a close fight but a victory for Cambo's Scottish supporters nonetheless.


Despite some slight political differences, meat night number one was a resounding success, with everyone having a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


It is clear that despite three weeks of hard work, Cambo's appetite has not diminished in the least. We all look forward to celebrating the next event with equally enormous quantities of food and fun!