Camberlot: Term Starts With Team Building Games and Barbecue


The first Sunday of the school term saw Camberlot boys old and new descending on the Sports Complex for an afternoon of team games and challenges that would see the house united through competitive spirit and a shared love of slow cooked pork.

The first test was the aptly named "Bombing". For those out there who are novices, bombing is launching yourself at a crash mate and sliding it with your momentum to one end of the hall and back as fast possible in your team, relay style!


Some interesting techniques were displayed with Dom and Herbert pulling out some acrobatics across the finish line.

Bombing was followed by an assault course and a game called Bundles of Rhubarb. With Bundles of Rhubarb, the boys of Cambo were yet again faced with a slightly ridiculous task. Every team was tied together with string and then had to race around a lap of the hall!


Our so called "Bundles" disappeared swiftly and a footrace ensued with only two teams managing to actually complete their lap within the rules of the game.

With many of the teams feeling slightly red-faced after the Rhubarb, it was onto dodgeball.


For me, dodgeball is always a slightly terrifying prospect. I'm not the biggest or the strongest; however it is always good fun and Sunday was no exception, with round after round of matches being played and won almost single handedly by new Cambo lad Henry.

"Ladders" followed the Dodgeball - a classic in anyone's book - and as Mr Jones reeled off the numbers to race, everyone charged down the line time after time.


When the game ended, a water break was in desperate need before the penultimate round!

Blind Penalties was hilarious. Mr McKeefry proved a formidable adversary in goal, with scores of Cambo boys vying to best him from the spot… blindfolded.

The penalties were of varying degrees of quality, although they did provide an opportunity to rest and for the teams to regroup before the grand finale.


The final round saw the teams take to the swimming pool to see who could make the biggest splash; a simple enough task some would say. Some teams combined the splashing abilities of all their members, while some went for a more synchronized two-man technique.

The 'Splash Off' was great fun and rounded of a brilliant afternoon of ridiculousness - the reward for which was waiting back at House in the form of an incredible spread of slow cooked pork, barbecue chicken, homemade vegetarian burgers and sausages, homemade coleslaw and beans, all prepared for us by Michael, Mrs Goldring' husband and resident Barbecue-in-chief.


The capacity Camberlot has to make incredible amounts of meat disappear in very short spaces of time seems not to have diminished over the summer and for the rest of the evening there was very little talk amongst the boys that didn't cover the topic of just how good that food was.

All in all, the day was a truly lovely way to ease everyone back into the house and the Cambo way of doing things early on in the term, and hopefully this is just the beginning of another successful year in Camberlot!