Dance, Drama and Music: Bede’s Pupils Go ‘Up, Up and Away’


On Wednesday 10 September Bede's pupils joined together for a morning of Drama, Dance and Music. 

Seventeen students from Lower Fifth and Upper Fifth at the Senior School led workshops for those in Reception, Year One and Year Two.


"Up, Up and Away" was the theme of the morning workshops and the pupils were transported through a magical mystery journey packing suitcases, driving to a train station and boarding an imaginary train to Spain where they all cried Hola!

Bede's Airways was then waiting for a departure to Australia where the 'cabin crew' served refreshments.


During a trip through the Outback the children saw kangaroos and koala bears before swimming on board a boat to Africa - "Aye Aye Captain"!

Once in Africa the students met with heavy buffalo, water squirting elephants, hungry monkeys and a very sleepy lion. 

The morning finished with a reading of 'Where the Wild Things Are' which was enjoyed by all.


The pupils are looking forward to coming together again for a performance at the Senior School on Tuesday 8 December.