Dorms: Boys Run 5K for Demelza


How does one really make a difference in this society?

This question has been asked over and over. With people becoming disconnected from the world and others around them, it is becoming too easy for us to forget the true values in life.


That is why we have these amazing charity events! They are here just to remind us what really matters in life as well as to allow us to help people in dire need when they need it and in the right way.

Demelza is an organisation that acts as a conduit between the communities and the people in need. In this case it is the very sick children in hospice care. Dorms House have been raising funds over the past two years for this charity. 

Last year we managed to raise a staggering £2697.16!


This term as part of our fundraising, Dorms house were invited to participate in a 5 kilometre charity run. On a fresh Sunday morning, 15 of our boys left Dorms at 7:30am and went on an exciting journey to Leeds Castle.

We arrived, were given a t-shirt and warmed up a bit, and then our run began!


Around 5 kilometres is not a huge distance, but it required the will to carry on (especially so early on a Sunday morning!) and we did not give up. Instead, we ran as a group and completed the run together!

The Demelza Fun Run was great, amusing and we were all rewarded with a medal. Even better though, when we arrived back at Dorms we cooked a BBQ to celebrate! 


Alexey Sviridov

Lower Fifth, Dorms House

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