Dorms: House Supports Tom at US Embassy Gig


Last Thursday, Tom Davies and his band 'How's Harry' were invited by American Ambassador Matthew Barzun to perform in the LDNY Graffiti Party!

A professional graffiti artist called  'Pure Evil' was also invited to create a graffiti work with students from different British schools. A few Sixth Form students from Dorms were invited and represented the school at the event.


The party was held at Winfield House which is located in the centre of Regents Park. We arrived there around 4:30 in the afternoon and we had to pass a security check!

We were served some refreshments and drinks and the students all agreed that the food was absolutely amazing.


Soon, the Ambassador and Pure Evil made welcome speeches to the guests and then the party began.

First, Tom and his band came on stage. They had a fantastic performance and everyone was absolutely amazed by the show. We were all really proud of Tom.

After the music, the painting started.


At the beginning we were just watching other students but soon we all got involved. Every student did well, but Bede's were definitely the best group there!

Unfortunately, time fled too quickly for us. We had to leave, even though we wanted to stay longer.

It was definitely one the best experiences I have ever had and I will treasure the memory forever.


Jason Wang

Head of Dorms House

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