Dorms: Tristan Qualifies for World Karting Championships


Tristan Charpentier is a lovely lad here in Dorms House.

He is only 14 but he already seems to have an incredible career ahead of him.

Tristan's enthusiasm for karting was born early on in his life. At 6, he had already been taught to drive! The energy Tristan felt that day was so influential that he then participated in his first race at the age of 7!


Unlike all the other 7-year olds competing, Tristan was calm. This might have been just a race on the local circuit for some people but for him it was so much more than that.

It was the first step into the world he would fall in love with.


"Karting was so much fun for me," explained Tristan, "but keeping cool was and is what takes to win."

For 7 years Tristan has raced all over the world, slowly climbing his way up the ladder. It was local tracks at first but then, as he progressed, the competitions became European and then International.


Persevering through all the challenges he has faced and never giving up, the key, he says, is always keeping a cool head. And the results of this hard work?

Tristan has qualified to represent France in the World Championship. Well done Tristan!


Ivan Vukusic

Lower Sixth, Dorms House