Dorms: Year Begins With House Hike


On Sunday 31st August the entire Dorms cohort trekked towards the beautiful South Downs.

The sun was shining and the weather was warm; the stage was set for a true adventure up the Long Man of Wilmington!

After a short bus journey, those new to the country gained their first look at the dramatic scenery that our East Sussex has to offer. With blue skies, we began the short but steep walk to the top of Windover hill, taking us past the base of the Long Man himself.


The steep climb was conquered by all without fuss or complaint and the views didn't disappoint. A few tried to keep up with Mr Hickman's children, but failed!

At the top, students and staff had 360 degree panoramic views from the sea to Eastbourne and back towards the school itself. Although some boys had made the trip before, they continued to be struck by the majesty and beauty of the surrounding countryside.

On top of the hill we had a nice picnic sourced by the culinary talents of Mr Juniper's wife and the boys (and staff) ate heartily.

After eating, we all headed back down the hill - following matron Nicki down the steepest slope in the area! - and once a few boys had rolled and tumbled down the hill we made it back to the buses.


It was then off to the 'chocolate-box' village of Alfriston for a well-deserved ice cream and rest!

Some members of staff followed Mr Scamardella in to a local café for a classic British cream tea and juicy piece of cake, meanwhile many of the boys were struck by the quaint nature of the church and surrounding village.

Upon the return home, some boys then joined me in watching the mighty Liverpool beat Spurs during the afternoon.

Others rested their tired legs!