Dorter: Club Tropicana Barbecue 2014!


On the 31st of August, our very first weekend in Dorter, we had a barbeque with the theme of 'Club Tropicana'.

Everyone dressed up in bright, colourful clothes and the house was decorated really nicely with balloons, bunting and even a blow-up palm tree. Mr Treneman turned up in a really extravagant outfit which made everyone laugh!


At 1:00, we had roll call and Sian and Millie got everyone together to prepare the party and get to know each other a little better. We started by playing some games, which everyone found really fun.

We played with some bubbles, hula hoop games and ball games. In the games we were split up into random teams so we could get to know people who we had never met before, which was so nice.


After the games we had a massive limbo line, which was won by Elle, who was unbelievably flexible.

After all of the games, we waited for our barbeque, the main event! There were so many different types of food, which was so good and really delicious!

After our lunch, we all just chilled and played a massive game of volleyball which was fun to play, but also to watch.


It was also really nice because Mr Leggett's kids, Mrs Murphy's and Dr Carroll's kids were there so it felt like a family atmosphere. There was also some great boogie-ing going on from some of the older girls.

As the party started winding down, everybody began to relax outside and make the most of the beautiful weather, so everybody just chilled and chatted, no matter what year they were in.