Music: Archie Explains the Silver Arts Award

Music: Archie Explains the Silver Arts Award

In the summer term of the First Year, I took part in the Silver Arts Award, focussing on Music.

The three challenges involved included developing or learning a new musical skill, reviewing an arts event and organising and staging a concert. Each of these tasks required a considerable amount of forethought and planning - more than I had anticipated!


Archie, tinkling the ivories.

For the first task, I chose to develop a skill in an area that I am interested in as a career option: Music Technology. I tasked myself with composing an orchestral, filmic arrangement of a minimum of 100 bars, which tested my abilities on the compositional and technical spectrums.

From understanding musical theory to sidechains and synthesis, this challenge helped to hone my skills in a variety of areas.

The second task involved attending and reviewing a live arts event. The production I chose was a bizarre combination of mime and acrobatics combined with sound and visual trickery.


For a full hour, the audience was captivated by this spellbinding performance, and it was enlightening to see how different seemingly diverse art forms can be successfully and intriguingly combined. It really was something else!

The lunchtime concert which I helped to organise for the third part of the project was perhaps less spectacular, but a valuable experience in terms of understanding what is involved in putting on a live event.

Despite a few technical issues, it all went reasonably well and some useful lessons were learned!


Archie was one of 16 Bede's First Years who undertook the Silver Arts Award during the Academic Year 2013-14. First Year pupils interested in the scheme should contact Ms. Morris.