Stud and Crossways: Houses Undertake Mock Exercises with Sussex Fire and Rescue


On the night of 22 September, Bede's held a mock emergency exercise in cooperation with East Sussex Fire and Rescue!

During the exercise, the Crossways and Stud boarding house basement boiler-house was used, the fire alarms were set off and a scenario - that there was a fire in the basement and there were persons unaccounted for - was played out.

Characteristically, Crossways and Stud staff swung into action and carried out a very successful evacuation!

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service had earlier placed nine dummies (the Estates Team did ask for volunteers…) hidden in every nook and cranny of the basement rooms before their four fire engines arrived on scene.


With the help of Bede's staff, details regarding the layout of the basements and the number of persons missing helped set the scene for the fire crews who then carried out a search and dealt with the mock incident.

A full incident scene was set up in the Stud Yard and the Fire and Rescue teams successfully found all nine dummies.

Bede's Caretaker Nick Hicks said of the experience, "It was a valuable exercise for all involved and helped us highlight any weaknesses in our provision.

"It also gave us an understanding regarding the information that the fire service might require once they arrive on scene.


"Lastly, it was a brilliant training opportunity for the Fire and Rescue Service which gave them the opportunity to find a little bit out about our beautiful campus."

Thanks go out to all involved - particularly the staff and students of Stud and Crossways Houses and East Sussex Fire and Rescue.