Animal Management: The Bede’s Aquaria


Over the last 3 years we have amassed many species of fish in Bede's Animal Management Centre: over 30 species and, depending on how many Guppies are pregnant at any one time, approaching 600 fish!


Some of our residents are common in the home aquarium such as Neon Tetras, Angelfish and Corydoras catfish but others are a little more specialised including the Clarias catfish, Lake Malawi Cichlids and Blind Cave Fish.


Add to this a species which is extinct in the wild, the Butterfly Goodeid, which dwindled to only 6 individuals in captivity throughout the whole world in the mid-1980s, and we can honestly say we have a special collection!


We have been able to use our stock to allow our BTEC Upper Sixth students to complete an aquatics module. They have had to calculate stocking densities, work out compatibility, monitor nitrites and ammonia, and carried out endless water changes in order to maintain a healthy tank for 6 weeks and they have learnt much along the way.


It was only when I tried to get some photos for this article that I realised - fish rarely stay still! I now have a far greater respect for aquatic photographers after trying, in vain I may add, to capture the sheer energy of a shoal of Harlequins and the majesty and grace of a Pearl Gourami.


If you feel you would like to see the collection whether for its range of colours, diversity of movement or just to relax then come on down and see us!


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