Charleston House Wins House Music Competition 2014


With the return of the annual House Music competition, the theme of Robbie Williams was introduced.

The Big Song choice of 'Let Me Entertain You' was announced earlier in the term, meaning that Robbie's iconic hit would later be performed by each House.


After coming in a mediocre position of third the previous year, Charleston weren't going down without a fight in 2014. Paired with Stud and half of Deis, the rehearsals began. They were tiresome and time consuming but everyone showed true commitment and a real desire to win.

On the night, Charleston were the final House to perform, which meant watching our rivals before taking to the stage ourselves.

After seeing our fierce competition, including an alternative yet hooking bass solo from Dorter, a heart-warming Small Song from Crossways and an elegant harp solo from Bloomsbury, we were well and truly fired up.


As Bloomsbury House finished their section, the anticipation of taking to the stage filled our insides.

With black stars on each of our left eyes, resembling that of Robbie Williams in his music video, we certainly looked the part. Our Big Song was performed incredibly well and, with the extra harmonies and 'heys' suggested by Mrs Von Riebech, we stood out from the other Houses. Everybody sung like there was no tomorrow and the competitive side of the members of the Houses were revealed.

The Small Song was next, coming in the form of an adaptation of 'You Know Me'. Olivia Prince-Smith opened the song, singing with ease and a real delight to listen to.


The enchanting harmonies and a final A Cappella section worked to our advantage and put us in a good position.

Our Solo performance followed and, after a successful round of auditions, Izzy Fordman from the Upper Fifth was selected to represent Charleston.

Singing in front of the whole school and her peers must have been an extremely nerve-wracking situation to be in but, after her tremendous cover of 'Dog Days Are Over' by Florence and the Machine, Izzy retired having done her House very proud. Everybody was utterly immersed and overwhelmed at her exceptional voice and stage presence, all of which resulted in an explosion of applause.


The final performance was the Instrumental. The band included Olivia, Izzy, Dan, Callum, Alice, Olly, Dikembe, Amelia, Daisy, Nat, Edmund, Dimytro, Jesse and Hal.

The group had created a mash up of 'Edge of 17', 'Bootilicious' and 'The Wall' and, as this was the last piece performed on the night, the ensemble were prepared to deliver a memorable and outstanding original composition.

Singing with passion and power, it was a phenomenal end to the House Music this year.


The judges left to deliberate and, once they arrived back, Charleston sat on the edge of their seats to hear the results.

After the announcement was made that we had won the Big Song and the Instrumental an outburst of applause ran through the crowd.

Soon after this, the overall winner was read and it was Charleston. There was an eruption of screaming and clapping with a few tears being shared between pupils and staff.

This passion was a reflection of all the time and effort put in by both teachers and students over the past few weeks.


Well done to everybody for a successful House Music 2014 and a big thank you must go to Mrs Von Riebech and Miss Morris - indeed, the Music Department as a whole - for creating such a wonderful evening of entertainment.


Lily Potter

Lower Fifth, Charleston House

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