Dicker: Let Fundraising Week Commence!


This year, the Dicker House Charity will be the Ghana Education Project (GEP) which works with the Ghanaian authorities to provide and improve education in Nkwanta.

Nkwanta is a poor and remote part of Ghana which many other charities haven't been able to reach. The charity educates children and also focuses on improving female literacy rates, which is very much needed in this area.


To support our charity, Dicker House will be organising a number of events during our charity week. These include a Quiz Night, hosted by Mr Cheshire and Mr Jackson.

We are looking for students, along with their parents or other relatives, to join us on Wednesday 8th October. It promises to be an exciting night so we hope to see you there.

Entry is only £5 and there will be a raffle too.

There will be plenty of other events too, including some involving the teachers in Dicker.  Mr Mpandawana is going to somehow attempt to take part in every activity on one day while Mr Mills will be taking on Samson Lock in a press-up challenge - please put 50p on the winner and if your man triumphs you will be part of a raffle! 


Ms Woollett will also be running a bingo competition during the week and a number of Dicker boys will be collectively running two tuck shops while others host a FIFA tournament.

Finally, on the Friday, we will be having a roller disco in the Sports Complex which will be run by Dicker but will only open to boarders.

If we raise enough money, we may even get to relieve Hann Morgan of most of his hair at the end of the week!

All in all it promises to be a truly enjoyable way to, ultimately, help others less lucky than we are. 

Please get involved, support our boys and staff and give as generously as you can!


Joseph Berhane

Lower Sixth, Dicker House 

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