Dicker: Sponsored Walk Raises Over £300 For Alzheimer's Society


My mum, brother and friends - including Alex Nebhrajani-Wallace and Manu Fievet from Dicker - all recently decided to join me on the run for Alzheimer's society, a charity which helps and looks after people with dementia.

The idea came to mind when a friend's grandmother developed the illness and we saw an advert about the Walk in the paper. We then signed up for the run and set up a Just Giving page for people to donate money and sponsor us.

We then began our training for the 8km run with jogs and walks around my home to get fit and ready. As the training continued the donations got bigger and we were slowly getting closer to our goal of raising £300 sponsorship.


The day started with a nice bright sun and we hoped it would stay that way but we were wrong! We packed our bags with water and sandwiches, ready for the day ahead.

We picked up our friends on the way to Hove where the run would be starting and arrived at Hove seafront, collected our shirts and made sure everyone was signed up!

We started the run and could see all the other people jogging along with us; my friends and I split off from my mum and her friend and we jogged on ahead. When we got about a quarter of the way it started raining very hard but we didn't stop. We put pushed forward!


By half way, we were soaked through but carried on regardless. We completed the walk in less than two hours and crossed the finish line to receive our medals.

At the Memory Walk there was a tree on which people had been putting their memories, so we put ours on too, in spirit.


When we got home I checked the Just Giving page; not only had we hit our target but gone past it and were now on £321.43!

We would all like to say a very big thank you to everyone that sponsored us and helped us realise our dream.


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