English: Watching Kate Tempest and Colin Barrett at Small World Festival


On October 1st, myself, four other students and Ms Dunstall attended a poetry and short-story reading at Charleston Farmhouse.


This was a Small World Literary Festival event in which Colin Barrett read a short-story of his, and award-winning Kate Tempest read the opening poem of her newly published collection, 'Hold Your own'.

The fact that Kate Tempest was performing here was particularly exciting for my brother, who was also attending, as he especially has been infatuated with and studying her works for quite some time!


The reading was opened by Tempest's dramatic recital of Tiresias, one of her many poems. Tiresias was blind future-seer who appeared in Ancient Greek plays in the form of an old man. Tempest stated that she had always taken an interest in this mysterious character, and that reading Greek plays was an "average" thing to do in one's spare time.

The poem is an extremely interesting and original take on Greek mythology, although she resented this fact. Her reading was so captivating, but when she started off I was fearful I would drift off and my mind would fix on other things as the poem was so long!



The way Kate Tempest brought it to life was incredible however; there were times when I did just close my eyes and listen to the language used and the rhythm of her speech - excluding the language that seemed to shock the audience (including the alarmed Ms Dunstall) into fits of misplaced laughter!

Colin Barrett's reading was a tad less dynamic than Tempest's but was, nonetheless, enticing. He gave the impression of having never read this particular story aloud before, which was very different to Kate Tempest's rendition of her twenty-four page epic, performed from memory.


All in all, we all had a fantastic night out appreciating the literary talents of young, upcoming writers.

I am now looking for more opportunities to develop my appreciation for the subject!


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