Chemistry: Upper Sixth Pupils Undertake Ion Research Coursework


The Chemistry coursework for our A2 Chemists is steaming ahead, pupils are studying the OCR Salters' syllabus. 

Pupils began their coursework at the beginning of the academic year and have been working studiously every Monday afternoon and Saturday morning.


Pupils are investigating the kinetics of the reaction between iodide and persulfate ions. They have devised their own aims and objectives, undertaken risk assessments and are now busy gathering data.

This involves undertaking a series of experiment to time the rate of a reaction. 

Further experiments will then be undertaken to elucidate the specific order of each reagent. 


The overall direction of the experiments is totally at the discretion of the pupils, who are using a range of different equipment, and their precision and accuracy in doing so is pivotal to their results. 

Once all of the data is gathered pupils will then produce a full written report (probably around 80 pages long) which will contain a full experimental write up and a detailed analysis of their results. 


It is hoped that this challenging coursework will stretch all pupils beyond the confines of the A-Level syllabus and thus each pupil will create a truly unique report.


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